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The piano is a great place to start, the piano is so versatile, students can spend many rewarding years studying it and continue to grow in their ability to play more complex pieces with beauty and skill.
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The guitar is a popular musical instrument, easily transportable, used in many popular music genres & often used by a solo singer as well.
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The violin is certainly a fascinating musical instruments, it is universally recognized as a instrument symbol of perfection.
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For those of you out there who believe drumming to be just about rhythm and noise, you are wrong! The art of drumming possesses a huge variety of benefits in all aspects of day to day life.
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"Music expresses that which cannot be said and on which it is impossible to be silent.” Victor Hugo

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Welcome to Le Virtuose Music School
Where words leave off, music begins.

Would you like to learn music? Le Virtuose is a remarkable and professional school that makes learning an adventure for everyone who would like to discover and learn music. We offer to our students, children and adults, a very rich musical education in the various fields of classical and modern music: piano, violin, guitar, flute, drums, etc., complemented by courses of musical theory and solfeggio.

Le Virtuose fosters a vibrant musical environment where students discover and develop their own musical talent and potential, regardless of their starting level. Our teachers are highly talented with exceptional artistic and academic skills, having a high level of experience in the field of music. Our students and teachers share the same excitement and passion for music by making and enjoying great music.

Our courses are offered in a motivating manner where parents are invited to actively accompany their children in their learning experience of music.
What we hope for our students is an experience that allows them to enhance their understanding of music and artistic innovation. At Le Virtuose, we believe that music gives wings to the human spirit.

Le Virtuose Music School is a private institution founded in 2013 by qualified musicians graduated from the Higher National Conservatory of Music and is licensed by the Lebanese Ministry of Education. Le Virtuose provides classical and modern musical education offered to children, teenagers as well as music lovers, regardless of their starting level.


"Music is ... A higher revelation than all Wisdom & Philosophy". (Ludwig van Beethoven).

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